Ishanu’s Letter of Introduction

My name is Ishanu, and I am a young Shaman early into his studies. And I have chosen the Shamanistic path so I can better do what I have always done since I was of age — protect and heal.

You see, I grew up in a remote area of Mulgore, and our home was not near any established settlement. I know little of my mother, had no brothers or sisters, and my father kept he and I fed primarily through hunting. And when I was old enough, I hunted as well.

Like I had said, we weren’t part of any settlement. But we lived on the edge of prime hunting grounds, so we’d encounter other hunters all the time. And since we were so familiar with the area, we became de-facto wardens. So while we weren’t hunting ourselves, we were keeping an eye out for others. Or guiding them. Or — unfortunately — treating them after they’d run into any number of dangers. And sometimes, we found ourselves fighting off one of those “dangers,” either to save an unlucky hunter…or our own hides.

So, by circumstance, I became a pretty accomplished hunter, fighter, and healer. However, I must say, that my skills were of the traditional type. Neither my father or I were trained in any martial or medical “arts,” magical or otherwise. So we fought with nothing but a strong bow or heavy club, and healed with nothing but clean water and a dry dressing.

Outside of the hunters, we had little contact with others. Except for a friend of my father…an old grey dwarf named Horim. He would show up a few times a year, go hunting with my father (without me!), and they’d both sit around our fire, eating and drinking ’till they fell asleep. At that time, they never told me how (or why) they were friends. And I never asked.

My father talked little about his past. And I learned never to ask him about it. I had a few times when I was young. Such as what had become of my mother. Or why we lived so far away from settlements. But he only got upset. He wouldn’t even tell me what tribe we belonged to.

It was actually the dwarf that can be said to be responsible for my current path. That, and the event that took my father from me.

And…even though it’s been three years since it happened…I still have trouble recounting that day. But it is a significant part of who I am, it I would be remiss from telling you about it.

to be continued…